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SteriPettes™ Sterile Pasteur Pipettes

Regular price $117.23

SKU: 63B95

SteriPettes™ Sterile Pasteur Pipettes


  • Gamma-irradiated to ensure sterility
  • 250-piece multipack configuration
  • 10 peel packs of 25 each
  • Available in 5 3/4" or 9” lengths
  • Choice of cotton plugged or unplugged
  • Easy-to-open, sterile packaging peels back at the corner
  • Manufactured from 90 expansion soda lime glass conforming to USP Type III requirements

Embryologists Notes:

These are inexpensive pipettes that work fine, although on several occasions they have come broken from shipping.  IVF Store also offers Pasteur Pipets from Hunter Scientific that arrive in very sturdy packaging.  Also the Hunter Scientific Pasturer Pipets come pre-fire polished and both MEA and LAL tested.  Bonus. 


We use these Pipets and they are good.  Origio has been out of stock for a while and these are a great, inexpensive alternative. 


You will want to fire polish the tips prior to use

Mfr. No. 63B95 9" Sterile Pasteur Pipette
Mfr. No. 63B95P 9" Sterile Pasteur Pipette, Cotton Plugged
Mfr. No. 63A55 5 3/4" Sterile Pasteur Pipette - MEA Tested
Mfr. No. 63A55P 5 3/4" Sterile Pasteur Pipette, Cotton Plugged 

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