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Disposable Sanitary Earpiece Covers for Large Headphones 100 pcs (50 Pair)

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SKU: 1241702

Disposable Sanitary Ear piece Covers for Large Headphones 100 pcs (50 Pair)

Perfect to cover and recover Headphones in IVF collection rooms

These disposable sanitary headphone covers are ideal for gyms, offices, computer labs, libraries, schools, hospitals, medical offices, hotels, and more. The covers provide a sanitary barrier and to protect headphone users, and can be switched after every user of a pair of headphones for cleanliness.

These large headphone covers are designed for use with larger, over-ear headphones that cup around the ear instead of sitting on the ear. The thin white cloth material will not distort the sound and allows users comfort knowing they are protected.

These have a piece of elastic that can stretch over the earpiece of over-ear headphones and can be easily removed after use. Replace the covers between individual users to freshen the headphones so they are clean and will not pose a hazard from sharing viruses, bacteria, germs, and head lice.

The resealable bag is lightweight and easy to carry. These covers can also help to prolong the life of the headphone's earpads, reducing the need for replacements of foam or leatherette pieces. These also simplify the headphone cleaning process, as they can be thrown away after use, cutting down the need for more expensive cleaning products.

Now you can share headphones without sharing germs! One bag comes with 50 pairs of covers (100 pieces).

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