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Diamond® Jr. Mini Pipettors

Regular price $41.32

SKU: 3322-5

Diamond® Jr. Mini Pipettors

The Diamond® Jr. pipettors from Globe Scientific are pocket-sized versions of our high-precision Diamond® pipettors. Designed for use in diagnostic kits, water testing, science classrooms and all laboratories, this pipettor is an economical and accurate method for pipetting fixed volumes.

3322-5  Pipette, Diamond Jr., 5uL, Orange, Autoclavable
3322-10 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 10uL, Pink, Autoclavable
3322-20 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 20uL, Green, Autoclavable
3322-25 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 25uL, Green, Autoclavable
3322-50 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 50uL, Purple, Autoclavable
3322-100 Pipette, Diamond Jr., 100uL, Orange, Autoclavable
3322-P Pipette, Diamond Jr., Pack of 6 Pipettes (5uL, 10uL, 20uL, 25uL, 50uL and 100uL), Autoclavable

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