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Cryopreservation Dewars - MVE XC 47/11


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SKU: 10725435

Cryopreservation Dewars - MVE XC 47/11

MVE XC 47/11 dewars are relied on throughout the IVF industry for the long term storage oocytes, embryos and sperm.

Manufactured to a world class level of excellence and backed by an industry-leading 5 year vacuum warranty, these durable, lightweight units can be relied on to perform in the most demanding of environments.


  • Designed for large capacity storage
  • Low liquid nitrogen consumption
  • Convenient lightweight package


Mfr. No. 10725435 XC 47/11-10 Aluminum Dewar with (10) 11" Canisters
Mfr. No. 10719924 XC 47/11-6 Aluminum Dewar with (6) 11" Canisters

Operation Manual for Liquid Nitrogen Storage [pdf]

Note: IVF Store carries the full range of MVE products. 

Please call us for pricing 1 (833) 483-7867.

Range includes XC20 Millennium, XC 21/6, XC 22/5, XC 32/8, XC 33/22, XC 34/18, XC 34/18 Plus***, XC 43/28, 47/11-6SQ, XC 47/11-6 and 47/11-10

MVE XC range complete details [pdf]


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