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Cryo-OmniTAG™ – Transparent Cryogenic Labels

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Cryo-OmniTAG™– Transparent Cryogenic Labels for Thermal-Transfer Printers

Size: 1″ x 0.5″ / 25.4mm x 12.7mm
Label across: 1
Color: Transparent
Labels/roll: 2,000
Core: 1″ 
Perforation: No
Mark: Notch
Temperature range: From -196°C to +100°C

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Transparent thermoplastic cryogenic labels for bio-medical research and clinical laboratories. Withstand long-term storage in deep-freeze and harsh laboratory environment, including liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen (-196°C / -320.8°F), -80°C (-112°F) freezers and dry ice transportation.


  • Independently MEA tested by Embryotech Laboratories (optional)
  • Can withstand a wide temperature range from extreme low temperature (-196°C) to elevated temperatures including boiling water (+100°C)
  • The transparent design ensures the contents of labeled containers remain visible
  • Printable with all major thermal-transfer printer brands

These specific labels are designed for the bottom of culture dishes and certified safe for incubation of Embryo's. 




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