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Cryo-Gloves for Liquid Nitrogen Protection

Regular price $225.58


Liquid Nitrogen Protection Cryo-Gloves®

Cryogenic Protection in Ultra-Cold Environments. When using liquid nitrogen these gloves provide superior protection. Tempshield Cryogenic Gloves protect your hands and arms when working in hazardous, ultra-cold environments. Our innovative design offers superior thermal protection, while allowing for a maximum level of flexibility and dexterity—an essential feature when function is important and safety is critical.

Made from state-of-the art fabrics, Tempshield Cryo-Gloves use a flexible, multi-layered insulated construction that provides maximum thermal protection, yet offers comfort, flexibility, and dexterity so you can perform tasks effectively and safely. High performance, thermal inner lining wicks moisture away from hands, maintaining comfort over extended periods. 

*Other lengths available on request


Mfr. No. MASWP Mid-Arm Cryo-Gloves, Waterproof, Small
Mfr. No. MAMWP Mid-Arm Cryo-Gloves, Waterproof, Medium
Mfr. No. MALWP Mid-Arm Cryo-Gloves, Waterproof, Large
Mfr. No. MAXLWP Mid-Arm Cryo-Gloves, Waterproof, X-Large
Mfr. No. MA2XLWP
Mid-Arm Cryo-Gloves, Waterproof, 2X-Large

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