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Photometric Method for Detecting Citric Acid in Seminal Plasma


  • 3-component kit
  • 1-step sample preparation
  • 1-step immediate result
  • colorimetric result
  • citric acid control included
  • 96 determinations per kit
  • 18-month shelf life


Citric acid is produced by the prostate gland and is found in seminal plasma. The determination of citric acid concentration in seminal fluid therefore provides information about the secretory function of the prostate.  Low levels of citric acid have been found in men with genital tract inflammation.

The evaluation of prostatic function may reveal instances of subclinical prostatitis which may decrease male fertility as well as expose the female partner to infection.

Manufactured by Scopescreen, formerly BioScreen. 

Products available from Scopescreen Inc. for evaulating male infertility:

  • FructoScreen® – measures fructose in seminal plasma
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgA – detects IgA antisperm antibodies
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgG – detects IgG antisperm antibodies
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti-IgM – detects IgM antisperm antibodies
  • ImmunoSpheres® Anti Ig(H&L) – detects Ig(H&L) antisperm antibodies
  • LeucoScreen™ – detects peroxidase-positive cells in semen; now includes a Peroxidase control
  • MarScreen® IgA – detects IgA antisperm antibodies
  • MarScreen® IgG – detects IgG antisperm antibodies
  • MarScreen® IgM – detects IgM antisperm antibodies
  • Sperm Antibody (IgG) Controls serum for antibody testing
  • Sperm Antibody (IgA/IgG) Controls serum for antibody testing

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