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Channel Culture Dish Refill

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SKU: RBC-2031-Sample

Channel Culture Dish

The dish features twelve circular grooves. The ten grooves along the edge are linked to the two central grooves. The central grooves hold sperm while the peripheral grooves store oocytes. Progressive sperm can swim to the peripheral grooves, while dead sperm, impurities, and pathogens remain in the central grooves.


  • Pre-labeled drops number (+/-) and easy use
  • Natural screening of high quality sperm
  • Use for single embryo culture
  • Use for group embryo culture
  • Change new medium without needing to change dish
  • PGD culture before or after biopsy
  • High safety and high success rate
  • Sterility test passed
  • One-cell MEA tested
  • Endotoxin test passed
  • Produced under ISO 13485 clean facility
  • Patented product


    Mfr. No. RBC-2031-Refill Channel Culture Dish. Sleeve of 10

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