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Cell-IQ™ 1.8 cu.ft. Stackable Multigas CO2/O2 Incubator [Quote]

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Cell-IQ™ Stackable Multigas CO2/O2 Incubator

Effective capacity
1.8 cu.ft. (50 L)
Temperature range
+5°C above ambient to +50°C

Cell IQ™ Stackable Multigas CO2/O2 Incubators

The PHCbi brand Cell-IQ MCO-50M-PA stackable multigas incubator is engineered to precisely and accurately control CO2, O2, humidity and temperature for optimal culturing conditions. This compact gas incubator achieves contamination control through multiple passive and active decontamination mitigation systems.

Featuring a space saving compact design, multiple Cell-IQ MCO-50M-PA laboratory incubators can be double or triple stacked for a range of applications that demand sample isolation, including stem cell research, in vitro fertilization and cell culture applications.

Cell Culture Incubators Capabilities

As a crucial piece of laboratory equipment, PHCbi brand cell culture incubators are designed to ensure highly accurate, reproducible chamber conditions. Our cell culture incubators provide a contamination-free environment while allowing precise CO2 or CO2/O2 control - essential for in vivo environment replication.

Responsive Performance

A stable, uniform temperature is maintained by the microprocessor controlled Direct Heat and Air Jacket system. CO2 and O2 are quickly restored to setpoints after door openings, while relative humidity returns to an elevated state to prevent media desiccation and achieve optimal cell culturing.

Precision Gas Sensor

Unaffected by temperature or humidity changes, the dual infrared CO2 sensor continuously calibrates for control and accuracy. The solid-state Zirconia sensor delivers a long-term precise and accurate oxygen control range of 1% to 18% and 22% to 80% without periodic calibration. A color LCD touchscreen facilitates full control over inner chamber environment and alarms.

Compact and Stackable

The versatile design of the Cell-IQ MCO-50M-PA compact CO2/O2 incubator permits the units to be double or triple stacked for a maximized footprint. A streamlined interior optimizes space and reduces contamination risk while improving ease of maintenance.

Superior Contamination Control

Exclusive inCu-saFe® alloy interior provides the germicidal properties of copper with the corrosion resistance of stainless steel. Optional SafeCell™ UV light provides an added layer of contamination control, safely destroying contaminants at the humidification source from behind a plenum wall. A high-speed H2O2 vapor decontamination option utilizes a combination of vaporized hydrogen peroxide and UV light to permeate and safely clean the chamber in less than 3 hours.

Easy to Clean

The integrated inCu-saFe shelf design incorporates a seamless interior chamber that mitigates contamination while remaining easy to clean and free of corrosion. Shelf channels are molded into the sidewalls, minimizing moving parts and eliminating the need for brackets and clips.

Advanced Touchpanel Controller

An intuitive controller provides comprehensive management over interior incubator chamber parameters. Temperature, CO2, O2 and humidity setpoints and alarm deviations are controlled on an LCD screen for ease of use, even with gloved hands. Standard USB data port permits convenient transfer of logged performance.

Event Management

The digital microprocessor controller manages and records lab incubator functions and user inputs, delivering full control over the inner chamber environment and alarms through an arrow prompted touchscreen menu. Events and parameters include temperature, CO2, O2humidity, door status and timing, UV status and parameter deviation alarms. Precision CO2and O2 sensors maintain setpoint to within 0.2% or better and require minimal calibration.


EXTERIOR DIMENSIONS 18.9" W x 21.7" D x 23.0" H (480 x 550 x 585 mm)
INTERIOR DIMENSIONS 14.6" W x 14.3" D x 15.2" H (370 x 363 x 385 mm)
INTERIOR VOLUME 1.8 cu.ft. (50 L)
OUTER DOOR 1; Field reversible
SHELVES 2; Stainless steel copper enriched alloy 13.9" x 12.1" x 0.5" (353 x 308 x 12 mm); Max Load Per Shelf 15.4 lbs (7 kg)
ACCESS PORT 1: Back wall, upper left side (1.2" (30 mm) diameter)
NET WEIGHT 101 lbs (46 kg)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE +5ºC above ambient to +50ºC, ± 0.1ºC
DISPLAY White graphic OLED – (temperature, CO2, O2) readable to 0.1 increments
ALARMS Power Failure (R); Temperature Deviation (V-B-R); Gas Deviation O2 (V-B-R); Gas Deviation CO2 (V-B-R); Supply Empty (V-B-R); Door Open (V-B)
HUMIDITY PAN 1; Stainless steel
POWER SUPPLY 115V, 1Ø, 60Hz, NEMA 5-15P requires NEMA 5-15R receptacle
WARRANTY INFORMATION 3 years parts and labor
CO2 CONTROL RANGE 0ºC to 20ºC, ± 0.15ºC
OXYGEN CONTROL RANGE 1% to 18%, 22% to 80% ± 0.2
SENSOR CO2 - Dual IR; O2 - Stabilized zirconia
CONTROLLER Microprocessor – digital with soft keys

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