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Calibration Micrometer Slide

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Calibration Micrometer  Slide

When there is a need to make measurements with an eyepiece reticle, there is also a need to make certain that the microscope is properly calibrated. A stage micrometer is the best way to check the divisions and measurements on the eyepiece reticule and achieve this calibration.

This Omano Stage Micrometer features 5 different calibration targets, including:

  • 1.5mm Dot
  • 0.6mm Dot
  • 1.0mm Cross Line with 0.01mm divisions
  • 0.15mm Dot
  • 0.07mm Dot

Includes padded plastic storage case.

  • SK2 Calibration Slide Micrometer
  • 5-Target
  • Glass stage micrometer
  • 5 Calibration targets
  • Padded plastic case included

Read CDC Calibration Instructions Here


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