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Bio-Cane Canister & Cane Cryogenic Systems

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SKU: CK509X4

Bio-Cane Canister & Cane Cryogenic Systems

Provides effective storage of biological samples

  • Uniform temperature environment
  • Secure locking clasp prevents unauthorized entry
  • 2-Year Warranty
  • 6 Canisters / Tank Included

Bio-Cane Canister & Cane cryogenic storage Dewar systems are available in five sizes to meet the requirements and space limitations of your laboratory. System provides a uniform temperature environment for extended specimen storage, up to 7 months without replenishing LN2. Each vessel includes six canisters to handle any combination of cryogenic vials, tubes or sample containers. Super vacuum insulation and durable construction make for years of trouble-free service.

1233X22 / X23 / X24 have a color coded canister system for quick identification. Accessory carts make transportation safe and easy.

Product Literature

BioCane - Cryobiological Storage Vessel Type CK50900

Cryopreservation Storage Equipment Brochure


  • ≤ 1.5k vials/ 2500 Straws for the BioCane 47
  • ≤ 700vials/ 1200 Straws BioCane 34
  • ≤ 120 vials/ 300 Straws BioCane 20
  • Thermo Cryo Cart adjustable to fit 47L or 34L


Description Biocane 47  Biocane 34 Biocane 20
Certifications/Compliance CE CE CE
Capacity (English) 1.673 cu. ft./Days 1.228 cu. ft./Days 0.723 cu. ft./Days
Capacity (Metric) 47.4 L/day 34.8 L/day 20.5 L/day
Diameter (English) 20 in. 18.25 in. 14.5 in.
Diameter (Metric) 50.8 cm 46.4 cm 36.8 cm
No. of Canes/Vials per Cane 252/6 120/6 30/6
Estimate Straws / Vessel 2520 1200 300
Static Evaporation Rate 0.39L 0.18L 0.09L
Diameter (English) Inside Neck 5 in. 3.5 in. 2 in.
Diameter (Metric) Inside Neck 12.7 cm 8.8 cm 5.1 cm
Height (English) Exterior 26.5 in. 26.625 in. 25.7 in.
Height (Metric) Exterior 67.3 cm 67.6 cm 65.3 cm
Model Bio-Cane 47 Bio-Cane 34 Bio-Cane 20
Type Manual Fill LN2 Dewar Manual Fill LN2 Dewar Manual Fill LN2 Dewar
Insulation Vaccum Vaccum Vaccum
Material Aluminum, Stainless Steel (Canister) Aluminum, Stainless Steel (Canister) Aluminum, Stainless Steel (Canister)
Static Holding Time 121 Days 193 Days 227 Days
Unit Size Each Each Each

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