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Acrodisc® Syringe Filters with Supor® Membrane

Pall Life Sciences

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Syringe Filters with High Flow Rates and Low Protein Binding

  • Superior flow rates and higher throughputs than competitive devices.
  • Low protein binding to minimize sample loss.
  • Pre-sterilized products are sterilized by gamma irradiation to eliminate potential contamination by EtO residuals.
  • A range of sizes (13 to 37 mm) accommodates sample volumes from < 10 to 150 mL.
  • Acrodisc PF and Serum Acrodisc syringe filters feature built-in prefilter for increased throughput of difficult-to-filter liquids.


Mfr. No. 4612 Acrodisc Syringe Filters with Supor Membrane, Sterile, 0.2µm, 25mm. Box of 50
Mfr. No. 4652 Acrodisc Syringe Filters with Supor Membrane, Sterile, 0.2 µm, 32mm. Box of 50
Mfr. No. 4187 Acrodisc PF Syringe Filters with Supor Membrane, Sterile, 0.8/0.2µm, 25mm. Box of 50
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