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47L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

Regular price $1,495.00

SKU: CSD-47-11-6

47L Liquid Nitrogen Dewar

The ColdStash CSD-47-11-6 LN2 Dewar is a durable, efficient tank to store your specimens in liquid nitrogen.  It offers strong vacuum performance, low LN2 consumption, six round 11" canisters, a lockable lid, and a strong phenolic neck tube to ensure your specimens are safe and secure with reduced LN2 loss.  ColdStash offers an industry standard 5 year warranty on vacuum.


- 130 day static holding time
- 0.36 L/day evaporation rate
- 47L LN2 capacity 
- 718mm height
- 508mm outer diameter
- 127mm neck opening
- 18.2kg empty weight

ColdStash is a global business that provides market-leading LN2 storage solutions and helps clients to operate more efficiently. Our approach is consultive and customer-centric, working with clients as a partner to find the best storage, shipping, and packaging solutions while promoting one’s brand and maintaining product safety.

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