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WarmMark Ascending Time-Temp Indicator

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WarmMark Ascending Time-Temp Indicator

WarmMark time-temperature indicators alert users of exposure to unacceptably high temperature conditions and the cumulative amount of time above the temperature threshold.

WarmMark indicators are single use labels that provide accurate, irreversible evidence of a temperature excursion.  Without them, a cold chain breach may go unnoticed resulting in a compromise in the quality of your shipment.  WarmMark excursion window(s) will turn red to indicate a cold chain breach.  See below chart for a list of run out times based on temperature selection. Run out times are based on a constant temperature 2°C above the indicator threshold.  Exposure to higher temperatures will result in faster run out. 

**Additional temperatures available upon request.


Three Window Indicators Top Window (Brief Exposure) Middle Window (Moderate Exposure) Bottom Window (Prolonged Exposure)
0°C / 32°F 2 hours 12 hours  48 hours
 8°C / 46°F 2 hours 12 hours  48 hours 
 37°C / 99°F 30 minutes 2 hours  8 hours 
Single Window Indicators 

8°C / 46°F X X 8 hours 
8°C / 46°F X X 48 hours 


How to use the WarmMark Indicators 


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