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Sensaphone Extreme Temperature (Liquid Nitrogen) RTD Probe 1" & 14" (-200° to 120°C)

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NIST Certification

Sensaphone 1" & 14" RTD Probe (-200° to 120°C)

Measure extreme temperatures

The Temperature Sensor with RTD Probe can be used to measure the temperature in extreme environments. The sensor will operate over the range -200° to 120°C. Two different sized temperature sensing probes are available; the 14” probe is recommended for applications where the sensor cabling cannot be exposed to the cold atmosphere such as monitoring liquid nitrogen.

NIST Certificate Available


  • Measures temperature from -328° to 248°F | -200° to 120°C
  • Two size probes to choose from: 1" or 14"
  • Probes include 10' of wire
  • Communicates wirelessly with WSG30 base unit up to 300’ away
  • Includes two AA batteries
  • Optional power supply available

Technical Specifications

Name RTD Probe
Sensor Temperature Range -328° to 248°F | -200° to 120°C
RTD Element PT100 - 385ALPHA - CLASS – B
Wireless Range 300’ | 90m
Connection WSG Wireless
Housing Plastic
Dimensions 3.1 x 3.9 x 1.1” | 79 x 99 x 28mm

Element tolerance to IEC 60751 edition 2.0, par 5.1.2

Requires a WSG30 Device

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