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Olympus IX71 Microscope [Quote]

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The IX71 microscope offers an innovative two-tiered multi-port design for unparalleled flexibility in cell imaging. It also boasts exceptional functionality with options such as superb fluorescence, DIC, phase contrast, and Olympus Relief Contrast modes.

  1. Inverted microscope that comes with relief contrast optics, 40x 20x, 10x optional), and 4x phase
    1. Option 1: Camera / C Mount / Monitor
    2. Option 2: Tokai Hit
    3. Option 3: Micromanipulator
      1. Motorized Narishige Micropmanipulation System
      2. Manual Narishige Micropmanipulation System
      3. Mars by IVFOD Micropmanipulation System with air injectors
      4. Eppendorf Transferman Micropmanipulation System
    4. Option 4: Air Injectors:
      1. Narishige IM-11 Air Injectors
      2. Narishige IM-9 Oil Injectors
      3. Eppendorf Cell Tram Air Injectors
      4. Eppendorf Cell Tram Oil Injectors
      5. **Mars by IVFOD air injectors
    5. Option 5: Binocs
      1. Standard
      2. Tilting
      3. Trinoc
    6. Recommended add on: TMC Table
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