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Nikon TE2000 Microscope [Quote]

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Nikon TE2000 Microscope

The robust Nikon TE2000 Fluorescence Microscope offers customizable configurations and accessories, along with advanced performance capabilities. Featuring an infinity optical path and multiport design, this inverted microscope can support simultaneous or independent use of various optical equipment, with an extendable main body for additional light sources and attachments. Its ergonomic design also helps reduce vibration for superior image quality.

  1. Inverted microscope / ICSI machine / Micromanipulation Machine
    1. Option 1: Camera / C Mount / Monitor
    2. Option 2: Tokai Hit
    3. Option 3: Micromanipulator
      1. Motorized Narishige Micropmanipulation System
      2. Manual Narishige Micropmanipulation System
      3. Mars by IVFOD Micropmanipulation System with air injectors
      4. Eppendorf Transferman Micropmanipulation System
    4. Option 4: Air Injectors:
      1. Narishige IM-11 Air Injectors
      2. Narishige IM-9 Oil Injectors
      3. Eppendorf Cell Tram Air Injectors
      4. Eppendorf Cell Tram Oil Injectors
      5. **Mars by IVFOD air injectors
    5. Recommended add on: TMC Table
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