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Olympus IX73 Inverted Microscopes [Quote]

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The Olympus IX73 inverted microscope has been integrated into our IXplore systems. IXplore Systems are designed to provide solutions-based packages that suit your research application needs.
  1. Inverted microscope that comes with relief contrast optics, 40x 20x, 10x optional), and 4x phase
    1. Option 1: Camera / C Mount / Monitor
    2. Option 2: Tokai Hit
    3. Option 3: Micromanipulator
      1. Motorized Narishige Micropmanipulation System
      2. Manual Narishige Micropmanipulation System
      3. Mars by IVFOD Micropmanipulation System with air injectors
      4. Eppendorf Transferman Micropmanipulation System
    4. Option 4: Air Injectors:
      1. Narishige IM-11 Air Injectors
      2. Narishige IM-9 Oil Injectors
      3. Eppendorf Cell Tram Air Injectors
      4. Eppendorf Cell Tram Oil Injectors
      5. **Mars by IVFOD air injectors
    5. Option 5: Binocs
      1. Standard
      2. Tilting
      3. Trinoc
    6. Recommended add on: TMC Table
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