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SKU: RH-3100

Heat-Wise: Where Innovation Meets Temperature.

Designed exclusively for the "CUBE" (AD-3100) handheld chamber.

The Heat-Wise (RH-3100) unit with optional Hand-Held Chamber minimizes the effect of fluctuations in the environment.
Its straightforward and sturdy design guarantees user-friendliness without complication.



Heating Stage for Handheld Chamber

Model RH-3100
Size (W×D×H) W252 mm × D270 mm × H77 mm
Temp. Control Digital PID Control
Temp. control range Room temp. +7℃~40℃
Temp. fluctuation range ±0.3
Temp. distribution accuracy Aluminum Surface ±0.5℃
Gas connection port IN/OUT (OD: 6mm)
Weight 3.2kg
Power AC100-240V 1A(Max)50/60Hz

Hand Held Chamber(Single Lid Design)

Model HC-3100
Size (W×D×H) W180 mm × D217 mm × H20 mm
Capacity 781mL
Dish number 35mm: 12 dishes
60mm: 6 dishes
4well: 4 dishes

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