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Eyepiece Micrometer

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Eyepiece Micrometer


Microscope stage and eyepiece micrometers enable easy measurement of specimens. A stage micrometer is a microscope slide with a scale precisely marked on the surface. The stage micrometer is used to calibrate an eyepiece micrometer when taking measurements of a specimen on a microscope stage.

Eyepiece micrometers, also known as reticles, are small glass disks with a ruled scale marked on them. Microscope reticles fit inside an eyepiece so the grid or ruler from the marked scale is visible when users look through the eyepiece. This enables the user to take accurate measurements of specimens.

Choose from a wide range of microscope stage micrometers and eyepiece reticles to suit a variety of applications.


  • Square 10 mm/ 10 units
  • 24dia. / t = 1.5 mm
  • For use with: WHN10X, WHN10X-H, WH15X, WHSZ10X, WHSZ10X-H, WHSZ15X-H, WHS20X, WHSZ20X-H, WHSZ230X-H
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