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Calibre Scientific Glass Microcapillaries

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SKU: EPE-5242952008

Calibre Scientific Glass Microcapillaries

For Research Use ONLY

To ensure sterility, minimize cytotoxicity, and eliminate endotoxins, each microcapillary is individually packaged in a protective and easy to access base and sealed before undergoing sterilization through gamma irradiation. This process achieves a sterility assurance level (SAL) of 10-6, equivalent to that required for surgical instruments. Additionally, assorted microcapillaries undergo thorough testing for cytotoxicity and endotoxins/pyrogens using sensitive MEA and LAL tests. 

Product features:

  • Ready-to-use and individually packaged
  • High batch-to-batch production consistency (100% visual inspection)
  • Sterilized via validated gamma irradiation to SAL 10-6
  • Assorted capillaries tested for cytotoxicity (MEA) and endotoxins/pyrogens (LAL)
  • Designed for minimum cellular trauma, fine fluid control and high force transfer
  • Made from 1.0 MM OD Borosilicate glass, will fit into all standard capillary holders
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