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BIRR 5-Well Dish Round Edges

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BIRR 5-Well Dish Round Edges

The 5-Well Dish Round Edges is a multipurpose dish that ensures embryo viability as each well is surrounded by either air or media, resulting in a homogenous temperature.


  • Class IIa sterile Medical Device according 93/42 EEC Directive
  • Manufactured by BIRR in EU
  • IVF specific design
  • Non-pyrogenic
  • Sterility assurance level (irradiation) 10^6
  • MEA & MEA+, LAL & SMA tested for every lot

Discover BIRR's quality control methods and rigorous standards. Download the White Paper, "Quality Control in Labware Manufacturing"

smART Features

  1. Easier Handling and Access: The spacious design of the wells minimizes the pipette's required angle during specimen manipulation, enhancing accessibility and ease of handling. Additionally, the sloped walls of the wells aid in specimen identification and retrieval.
  2. Improved Visualization: The dish features a raised bottom by 0.2mm, effectively preventing scratches and reducing the risk of temperature surges from the heated surface. Furthermore, the rounded edges at the bottom of the well minimize shading and enhance specimen visualization.
  3. Large Labeling Area: The generous labeling area accommodates various handwriting styles, ID labels, barcodes, and RFID tags without impeding specimen visualization.
  4. Consistent Heat Transfer: The design of our 5-Well Dish ensures consistent heat transfer, creating an optimal environment for gametes and embryos.
  5. MEA+ Tested: While MEA involves culturing 1-cell mouse embryos in media exposed to the tested product for 2 hours, MEA+ testing extends this duration to 96 hours, with direct exposure to the tested product, mimicking the intended use. 
  6. Additional Well: With an extra well, our 5-Well Dish offers increased capacity, allowing you to have the option to process more samples efficiently in each batch.


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