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ZyMōt™ Multi (850µl) Sperm Separation Device (Box of 10)

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ZyMōt™ Multi (850µl) Sperm Separation Device (ZMH0850)


The ZyMōt Multi (850µL) Sperm Separation Device prepares motile sperm from semen for use in IUI, IVF and ICSI procedures. The device accepts 850µL of sample input and yields 500µL output volume for downstream use.

ZyMōt devices separate sperm based on motility. Click here to learn more about how ZyMōt devices work.

ZyMōt processed specimens represent a significant time savings over traditional sperm preparation methods. Simple to adopt and easy to use, ZyMōt devices improve training and standardization. No special media is required. A shorter chain of custody – fewer movements per sample – means that ZyMōt devices help minimize mismatching risk, reducing the potential for error.

The ZyMōt Multi (850µL) device can be used with the following sample types: normal; low count; low motility (Note: some motility is required); viscous; low volume; a combination of the above properties; frozen samples.

ZyMōt devices are Made in the USA.


ZyMōt devices separate sperm based on motility.

The ZyMōt Multi (850μL) Sperm Separation Device has an inlet port, an outlet port/concentration chamber and a membrane filter. 850μL of raw semen is injected into the inlet port. The sample travels into the lower portion of the device, underneath a membrane that has 8-micron pores. Fertilization media is placed on top of the membrane. During incubation, motile sperm migrate through the pores into the fresh media above. After incubation, what is collected from above the membrane are progressively motile sperm. 


      Mfr No. ZMH0850
      ZyMōt Multi 850μl (Box of 10)


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