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S-Cryolock® Vitrification Device

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Color: Blue

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S-Cryolock® is the slim version of it's big brother, the industry leading Cryolock®.

The square shape allows maximum stability during loading of samples and prevents 'rolling' during loading experienced by circular shaped carriers. The narrower size compared to the original Cryolock® allows many more samples to be packed during storage, thereby improving storage efficiency by over 50%.

The device and cap are made from the same material and are designed for a perfect fit at all temperatures. The loading area is curved for protection and to ease loading and removal of excess medium to reach minimal volume.

S-Cryolock® is FDA cleared & works with all vitrification media kits from any manufacturer.  Can also be searched by the term S-Cryolocks. 


  • The new design and finer loading tip has resulted in one of the fastest cooling rates for this style of vitrification device (-3,324ºC/min closed / -22,000ºC/min open).
  • Square shape for maximum stability during loading
  • Narrow design for optimal storage efficiency
  • Highly polished loading area increases wetting and adhesion interactions between vitrification media and S-Cryolock device
  • Built on more than 10 years of proven vitrification success with original Cryolock®
  • More than 50% storage capacity compared with the original Cryolock®
  • Curved loading area for specimen protection
  • Cap and handle designed for perfect fit during storage
  • Compatible with all media kits from any manufacturer.

S-Cryolock® is a Cryopreservation Storage device that is intended for use in vitrification procedures to contain and maintain human 1-cell stage embryos.

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Mfr. No. SCL-R-CT-B S-Cryolock® Vitrification Device. (10 packs of 5). Blue.
Mfr. No. SCL-R-CT-Y S-Cryolock® Vitrification Device. (10 packs of 5). Yellow.
Mfr. No. SCL-R-CT-C S-Cryolock® Vitrification Device. (10 packs of 5). Clear.
Mfr. No. SCL-R-CT-O S-Cryolock® Vitrification Device. (10 packs of 5). Orange.
Mfr. No. SCL-R-CT-G S-Cryolock® Vitrification Device. (10 packs of 5). Green.

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