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Unveiling the IVF CRYO-One GEN 2

Unveiling the IVF CRYO-One GEN 2

The world of In Vitro Fertilization is on the cusp of an evolution, and we're thrilled to introduce you to a product that stands at this pivotal intersection - the IVF CRYO-One GEN 2.

🧠 Compact and Intelligent Design: The GEN 2 offers the impressive storage capacity equivalent to SEVEN standard floor models, all within the footprint of a singular unit. This is efficiency redefined.

🛠 Built for Rigor: Featuring a durable all-metal design, the GEN 2 ensures resilience while the integrated digital touchscreen offers precision control.

🔐 Elevated Security Protocols: Understanding the priceless nature of research specimens, the GEN 2 comes equipped with an automated mechanical lock and controlled access systems. With continuous monitoring of temperature, LN2 level, LN2 usage, and more, rest assured your specimens are safeguarded.

🌬 Advanced Cryogenic Features: The integrated auto-defogger system ensures optimal LN2 efficiancy, enabling swift tissue identification, and optimizing lab operations.

📏 Maximized Space Utilization: With its innovative centered lid opening, this unit is tailored for labs where space is premium. Plus, additional shelving spaces ensure organized storage of crucial tools like canes, cryosleeves, CryoBath, and protective gloves.

🔄 Adaptable Storage Methods: Whether your protocols call for submersion in LN2 or vapor storage, or whether you lean towards autofill or manual fill, GEN 2 aligns with your methodology.

🔆 Enhanced Visibility: The internal lighting ensures clear visibility, essential for precise operations.

🚀 User-Centric Ergonomics: Designed with you in mind, the waist-height access eliminates the need for bending or stooping. And, mobility within the lab is simplified with its smooth-rolling casters.

In the rapidly evolving realm of IVF, the CRYO-One GEN 2 stands as a testament to what's possible when innovation meets scientific demand. As you continue to push the boundaries of reproductive science, let GEN 2 be the reliable cornerstone in your lab.


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