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Product Insight Series: The S-Cryolock - IVF Store

Product Insight Series: The S-Cryolock

The S-Cryolock

Our Product Insight Series gives you an in depth look at some of our top products. Today we will discuss some key features of the S-Cryolock®Vitrification Device.

Smaller, But the Same Great Product

The S-Cryolock is built on 10+ years of research and development resulting from the original Cryolock®. Both devices achieve the same great vitrification results but the S-Cryolock has the advantage of being able to store many more devices per goblet (we found around 10 devices per 13mm goblet when labelled with self-laminating labels). The square design also maximizes stability during loading.

Not Too Thick... Not Too Thin

The S-Cryolock has a slightly rigid loading section. The advantages of this is discussed in depth by Dr. Tony Anderson in his 'Techical Tuesday' Podcast available here. The thinner tip has a faster cooling rate, which is desirable, but not so thin as to risk fracture of the sample if mishandled when vitrified. The tip is concave to assist in loading the sample and provides protection when the putting on the lid. The tip of the device is marked black, as is the rim of the lid, which makes putting the lid on under liquid nitrogen much easier.

The Bottom Line...

At the end of the day the design, performance and superior quality makes S-Cryolock a winner. This quality can be easily seen when compared directly to it's competition.

Compare For Yourself

We are confident that you will love the new S-Cryolock and would love you to try it out. If you would like to discuss your requirements directly please let us know (1 (833) 483-7867) or request a sample to try S-Cryolock head-to head with your current vitrification method.

Buy S-Cryolocks Now 

"Great product. They are smaller, so we've started using a smaller pipette to load the s-cryolock and that seems to make all the difference. They are more efficient because we are able to fit 7 s-cryolocks comfortably into a goblet once labeled. With the cryolocks, we are only able to fit 5 per globlet once labeled. Overall, very satisfied with the new design."

IVF Store Customer

"GREAT PRODUCT! It works great in our hands. We can save space with this smaller sized device. Your service, as always: EXCELLENT!!!"

IVF Store Customer


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