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Introducing Advanced Incubators from PHCbi

Introducing Advanced Incubators from PHCbi

IVF Store is thrilled to announce the arrival of two groundbreaking incubators from PHCbi: the MCO-50M-PA 1.8 cu.ft Stackable Multigas CO2/O2 Incubator and the MCO-170MP-PA Cell-IQ 5.7 cu.ft. Multigas CO2/O2 Incubator. These state-of-the-art units are engineered to revolutionize your laboratory's capabilities in culturing cells by providing an environment that closely mimics in vivo conditions. 

Responsive Performance for Optimal Results

Both the MCO-50M-PA and MCO-170MP-PA incubators maintain a stable, uniform temperature thanks to their microprocessor-controlled Direct Heat and Air Jacket system. This feature ensures that CO2 and O2 levels are quickly restored after door openings, while relative humidity is maintained to prevent media desiccation—crucial for optimal cell culturing.

Advanced Sensors and User-Friendly Interface

The incubators are equipped with a dual infrared CO2 sensor and a solid-state Zirconia sensor for oxygen, which deliver long-term precise control over gas concentrations without the need for periodic recalibration. An intuitive color LCD touchscreen allows easy management of all incubator settings, ensuring that parameters are easily adjustable even while wearing gloves.

Superior Contamination Control

Exclusive features such as the inCu-saFe® alloy interior, which combines the germicidal properties of copper with the durability of stainless steel, and the optional SafeCell™ UV light, provide an added layer of contamination control. Additionally, a high-speed H2O2 vapor decontamination option ensures the chamber is safely cleaned in less than three hours, making these incubators a top choice for maintaining a sterile environment.

Efficiency and Ease of Maintenance

The seamless interior chamber design of the inCu-saFe shelf minimizes contamination risks and makes cleaning straightforward and efficient. Shelf channels are integrated into the sidewalls, reducing the number of moving parts and the need for additional fixtures, thus simplifying maintenance and enhancing reliability.

Comprehensive Event Management and Data Integration

Both models feature an advanced digital microprocessor controller that records and manages all functions and user inputs, offering complete control over the incubator's environment through a user-friendly touchscreen menu. Temperature, gases, humidity, and other critical parameters are meticulously managed to ensure consistency and reproducibility of results. The standard USB data port allows for easy transfer and logging of performance data, facilitating better tracking and analysis of incubator operations.

At IVF Store, we understand that the quality of your laboratory equipment directly impacts the outcomes of your IVF procedures. With the introduction of the PHCbi MCO-50M-PA and MCO-170MP-PA incubators, we are excited to provide our clients with tools that not only meet but exceed the demands of modern reproductive technology laboratories. Elevate your lab's potential with these advanced solutions from PHCbi, and witness the transformation in your results.

For more information or to inquire about incorporating these innovative incubators into your laboratory contact our customer support team. We are committed to supporting your journey towards enhanced patient outcomes.

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