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Disinfectants at IVF Store

Disinfectants at IVF Store

Thank you for your interest in Oosafe disinfectant products.  We were just notified by the Manufacturer, that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is questioning their current labelling as a registered disinfectant.   In an abundance of caution, we are removing all disinfectants of any brand from the IVF Store site.  We are not accepting any new orders for disinfectants at this time.  This removal of all disinfectants from the IVF Store site is strictly voluntary and we have not been directed to remove any other products but the Oosafe brand for now. 
Our Customer Service and Compliance Team will work directly with each manufacturer to gauge the status of their product registration as a disinfectant with the EPA.  As we receive updated guidance and documented approvals from the EPA, we will add disinfectant product back to IVF Store. It is our understanding there is no issue with the product, the issue is isolated to the labelling of the product and the use of the word “disinfectant”.
IVF Store maintains a strict product selection process, whereby only safe and where applicable registered products are listed on our site.  At this time, we do not have an alternative disinfectant for the lab.  There are several cleaning protocols available for guidance for IVF Labs.  Attached and below is one such documented protocol.
Please feel free to contact our Customer Engagement Team at 470-695-4141 with any questions or concerns.  
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