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Announcing the New Precision™ Embryo Transfer Syringe - IVF Store

Announcing the New Precision™ Embryo Transfer Syringe

0.25 mL Luer Lock / MEA Tested Embryo Transfer Syringe

Extra Fine Control for Perfect Embryo Transfers

The embryo transfer is the culmination of all your hard work creating and growing your patient's embryo. A good embryo transfer can make the difference between a successful cycle or not.

Never compromise on this final vital step with the Precision™ Embryo Transfer Syringe.

The clear polycarbonate 0.25mL chamber provides silky smooth movement and a long range of motion enabling very precise control. The sword handle can be held comfortably and securely during the entire embryo transfer procedure even with gloves. The syringes are sterile and MEA tested for your peace of mind.

Try the new Precision™ Embryo Transfer Syringe. A superior ET syringe for a better transfer.

Samples are available -  1 (833) 483-7867

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