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Parker Aquasonic 100 Sterile Gel Packet

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$131.23 USD / 100.0 Unit
SKU: 01-01

Parker Aquasonic 100 Sterile Gel Packet

Aquasonic 100 sterile gel is the most widely used ultrasound gel for medical exams. 

High-Quality Ultrasound Gel for High-Quality Images

Its high viscosity formula and aqueous solution will not stain and will give the best image quality.
Because the Aquasonic 100 is hypoallergenic and bacteriostatic, sonographers and physicians trust it for all their sterile procedures.  In addition, the Aquasonic 100 is not a spermicide and contains no formaldehyde.  Also, it won't damage transducers.

It fits all diagnostic and therapeutic applications requiring sterile jelly. Since it comes in overwrapped and sterilized foil pouches, the gel is easy to apply without breaking the sterile field.

As a result, all major manufacturers of ultrasound equipment recommend Parker Aquasonic.

For more information about sterile procedures, please contact our customer service. 470-695-4141

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