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ZyMōt™ Multi (3ml) Sperm Separation Device

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SKU: ZMH3000

ZyMōt™ Multi (3ml) Sperm Separation Device (ZMH3000)

Product details:

The ZyMōt Multi (3mL) Sperm Separation Device prepares motile sperm for use in IUI, IVF and ICSI procedures, with a processing volume of 3mL.

ZyMōt devices separate sperm based on motility. Click here to learn more about how ZyMōt devices work.

ZyMōt processed specimens represent a significant time savings over traditional sperm preparation methods. Simple to adopt and easy to use, ZyMōt devices improve training and standardization. No special media is required. A shorter chain of custody – fewer movements per sample – means that ZyMōt devices help minimize mismatching risk, reducing the potential for error.

The ZyMōt Multi (3mL) device can be used with the following sample types: normal; low count; low motility (Note: some motility is required); viscous; low volume; a combination of the above properties; frozen samples.

ZyMōt devices are Made in the USA.


    Mfr No. ZMH3000
    ZyMōt Multi 3ml (Box of 10)


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