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ZAND-AIR™ Portable Filters, UV Bulbs and accessories.

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SKU: Z RK301 + Z RK203

ZAND-AIR™ Portable Filters and UV Replacement Bulbs 

ZAND-AIR™ Filters

Z RK301 Filter for the ZAND-AIR™ 100C and 100P

Air Purification System

UPDATE: The RK301 Filter is now all you need as the replacement filter for BOTH the 100C and 100P.  The new RK301 filter replaces the need for 2 Filters. (RK301 and RK401)

The FRONT POSITION ACTIVATED CARBON FILTER with specially formulated gas adsorption media (including zeolite and potassium permanganate) adsorbs automobile exhaust fumes, organic hydrocarbons, formaldehyde from particle boards used in construction, paint, solvents, chlorine, cleaning chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), chemically active compounds (CACs) and other harmful agents.

The BACK POSITION HOSPITAL GRADE HEPA FILTER individually tested by the supplier and certified to remove particles of 0.3 μm with not less than 99.97% efficiency by an approved aerosol. Pollen, mold, fungal spores, dust mites, and bacteria are examples of micro particles.

Needs replaced every six months or sooner. 


Mfr. N0. Z RK201 Replacement Filter Set for ZAND-AIR 20C. Includes: 1x pre-filter, and 1x High efficiency filter. Needs replaced every six months.
Mfr. No. Z RK203 Replacement UV Lamp 8w for ZANDAIR models 100C / 100P. ..Needs replaced annually.
Mfr. No. Z RK301 Replacement Filter Set for ZAND-AIR 100C. ..Includes: 1x Activated Carbon filter and 1x High efficiency filter.  ..Needs replaced every six months or sooner

Mfr. No. Z RK301 & Z RK203

Filter and Bulb for the ZAND-AIR™ 100C and 100P.  Includes replacement UV Lamp 8w (1 bulb) Needs Replacing Every 6 Months or Sooner
Mfr. No. RK401 DISCONTINUED - Replacement Filter RK301 is the replacement.
Mfr. No. RK015 Filter/lamp set for ZAND-AIR 200...1 MERV-11 filter (Replace every 6 months)..2  UV lamps (Replace annually)....
Mfr. No. RK016 One (1) MERV-11 Electrostatic Filter for ZAND-AIR 200, 200GS, PCOC3. Needs replacement every six months.
Mfr. No. RK017 Set of two (2)  UV lamps 20 Watt for ZAND-AIR 200. ..Each ZAND-AIR 200 unit has two (2) UV lamps. Replacement of both UV lamps is required
Mfr. No.  RK018 One (1) Filter and Two (2) UV Lamps for ZAND-AIR 200GS. Needs replacement every six months for the MERV-11 filter in 1st unit in 3 unit sequential row and every 12 months for the 2 units UV lamps...
Mfr. No. RK019 Set of Two (2) UV Lamps 22W...3 Sets required for each PCOC™3..Replacement of UV lamps is required annually.
Mfr. No. RK025 One (1) MERV-13 High Efficency Filter.  For PCOC3. Needs replaced every six months or sooner.
Mfr. No.  RK026 One (1) Activated Carbon Filter...Needs replaced every 6 months, or sooner. For PCOC3 only.
Mfr. No.  RK050 One (1) UV lamp for Z BAT50 High Output Hybrid UV/PCO Air Filter. This lamp needs to be replaced every TWO (2) years...
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