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Product image 1ZAND-AIR™ Repair Accessories and Parts
Product image 2ZAND-AIR™ Repair Accessories and Parts
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ZAND-AIR™ Repair Accessories and Parts

Parts for Zand-Air Portable and PCOC3.

Z BL002   BL 002 Ballast  (120v 60Hz) Magnetic Ballast for original ZAND-AIR 200 Duct unit
Z BL003   BL 003 Ballast  (220v 50Hz) Magnetic Ballast for original ZAND-AIR 200 Duct unit
Z BL007   BL 007 15V/12V,1-Amp Transformer
Z BL008   BL 008 230V/12V,1-Amp Transformer
Z BL010 (120v 60Hz.)   BL010   Ballast   (120v 60Hz.) for portable unit
Z BL011 (220v 50Hz)   BL011   Ballast  (220v 50Hz) for portable unit
Z BL014 (120/220V)   BL014   Ballast  (120/220V) Electronic Ballast w/4 pin connector for Duct units.  MUST BE SET TO CORRECT VOLTAGE.
Z BL016 (120v 60Hz)   BL016 Ballast  (120v 60Hz)) for REV A portable unit
Z BL017 (220v 50Hz)   BL017   Ballast  (220v 50Hz) for REV A portable unit
Z BL050   BL050 Ballast for Bat 50
Z EL001   EL001          Fuse 2-Amps
Z EL003   EL003         Fuse 6-Amps
Z EL014   EL014 Lamp Sockets  - set of 2
Z EL015   Light Starter for Portable air purification units
Z EL016   EL016 - Micro Switch
Z EL019   120 Volt / 60 Hz motor
Z EL019 FAN-120-60   120 Volt / 60 Hz motor with mounting bracket, capacitor and capacitor mounting bracket
Z EL020   EL020: Power Circuit Board for Air Purifier  voltage 110V/ 60 Hz
Z EL021   EL021  7.5MF 370V 50/60hz capacitor(115V)
Z EL023   EL023 - Cable
Z EL024 Motor Air Portable 220V   Motor Air Portable 220V
Z EL025   EL025  370V 50/60hz capacitor -  220V
Z EL026   EL026: Power Circuit Board for Air Purifier  voltage  220V/50Hz
Z EL027   EL027 Lamp Socket
Z EL029   Display panel for the PCOC™3
Z EL033   Light Starter for Duct system air purification units
Z EL044   ZAND-AIR  Portable Display Board. Rev A
Z EL045   EL045 Power Circuit Board for REV A  Air Purifier - voltage 220V/50Hz
Z FI011   1x HEPA filter.  ..
Z MT015   Metal clips for base of portable units / Pair of 2
Z MT026   MT026 mounting bracket for EL019 and EL024 Fans.
Z PK-Carton   Portable Air System Carton - White inside box, Brown outside shipping box..
Z PL030   PL030   Air purifier Plastic Front Housing
Z PL031   PL031   Air purifier Plastic Rear Housing
Z PL032   PL032   Air purifier Plastic Front Cover
Z PL033   Top Grill for Portable Air purifier
Z PLUG TYPE CD012   CD012 - Detachable Power Cord.
Z ZM000   ZAND-AIR  Display Board. VERSION V227-02

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