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Sperm Vitality Kit

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 Sperm Vitality Kit - Sperm Membrane Integrity Stain

Sperm membrane integrity (structural and functional) when questionable or inadequate may compromise sperm fertilizing capacity (by affecting motility, capacitation, acrosome reaction, and binding of sperm on Zona Pellucida).

Membrane integrity is evaluated through two tests:

  1. Sperm Vitality (Structural Integrity) – Supravital Dye Exclusion
  2. HOS (Hypo-Osmotic Swelling) [Functional Integrity]

Sperm Vitality reflects the number of live membrane intact spermatozoa. It is tested based on the ability of cell membrane to exclude vital stains (Eosin – Nigrosine dye) from entering the spermatozoa and permeate into its nucleus. When physically damaged or broken, the eosin Y dye is able to stain sperm. If membrane is intact, the dye is unable to do so.

Vitality thus evaluates viability of cell. For example:

  • Live (Viable). Unstained
  • Dead (Non-Viable). Stained

Note: Sperm Vitality is also  an additional quality check for sperm motility evaluation since the number of Live (Viable) sperm, as determined by vitality staining, should be the same or greater than the percent of motile sperm.

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