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Sperm Swimming up Trapper Kit


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Sperm Swimming up Trapper Kit

The Sperm Swimming Up Trapper Kit includes a Swimming Sperm Trapper and a 45° Sperm Swimming Up Rack. The main body of the kit is cylindrical, with an opening at the top and a conical convex shape at the bottom that is pointed upwards. In the center of the conical convex shape, there is a hole that allows sperm to swim up.

To use the kit, transfer the sperm into the swimming trapper (component 6). When needed, load the culture medium into component 5, and the medium will flow into the sperm cavity through component 3. Place the upstream pipe in the 45° Sperm Swimming Up Rack, and the sperm can swim into the culture medium through component 3.

This process allows for the collection of high-motility sperm.

  • Patented Product
  • Centrifuge free, Simple and easy use
  • Natural screening of sperm
  • Nonembryotoxic
  • Nonpyrogenic
  • Noncytotoxic
  • Sterilized by Gamma ray
  • Sterility test passed
  • One-cell MEA tested and passed with 80% or greater blastocyst at 96 hours
  • Endotoxin test passed (detail see Certification of Analysis)
  • A Certificate of Analysis is available for this product
  • 45°swimming sperm without centrifugation, avoid centrifugal damage
  • Produced under ISO 13485 clean facility
  • Use protocol will be enclosed in the package
  • For research use


Mfr. No. RBC-2012K Sperm Swimming Trapper Starter Kit. 50 Tubes & 50 Racks
Mfr. No. RBC-2012T Sperm Swimming Trapper Tubes. Case of 50 Tubes
Mfr. No. RBC-2012R Sperm Swimming Trapper Tubes. Case of 50 Racks
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