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Sperm Confirm Kit

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Sperm Confirm Kit

Azoospermia defined as absence of sperm in the ejaculate (given as the limit of quantification for the assessment method employed). Cryptozoospermia defined as sperm absent from fresh preparations but observed in a centrifuged pellet.

During microscopic examination, absence of sperm should be made only after an undiluted ejaculate is centrifuged, and the complete absence of sperm in the centrifuge pellet is microscopically confirmed in more than two ejaculates.

Sperm confirm test is used on the pellet sample to confirm presence of sperm. If sperm is present, condition is called as Cryptozoospermia and if sperm is absent it is called as Azoospermia.

Specimen Preparation:

  • Semen sample is collected with:
  • Abstinence period of 2 to 7 days.
  • Ideal collection through masturbation in a sterile container.
  • Non-spermicidal polyurethane semen collection pouch can be used when required.
  • Semen sample is allowed to liquefy and then mixed well before performing the test.
  • Special Instructions.
  • Hyper-viscous semen sample should be processed to bring towards normal viscosity. (BIOSCREEN Viscosity kit can be used to lower semen viscosity).

Kit Contents:

  • Stain–I Solution. 50mL
  • Stain-II Solution. 50mL
  • Stain III Solution. 50mL

Instructions For Use

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