Remote Digital O2 Alarm & Display for PureAire Low Oxygen Alarm


Product image 1Remote Digital O2 Alarm & Display for PureAire Low Oxygen Alarm - IVF Store
Product image 2Remote Digital O2 Alarm & Display for PureAire Low Oxygen Alarm - IVF Store
Product image 3Remote Digital O2 Alarm & Display for PureAire Low Oxygen Alarm - IVF Store

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Remote Digital O2 Alarm & Display for PureAire Low Oxygen Alarm

Remote Digital Alarm Indicator provides continuous information on the status of the PureAire oxygen deficiency monitors, O2 analyzers or gas detectors by remotely mirroring the monitor’s display. A large, bright red LED display continuously illuminates the O2 reading from the oxygen monitor up to 250 feet away.

You can select two individual alarm set points to activate the visual alarm LED’s and audible horn. High intensity LED’s illuminate whenever preset alarm levels are exceeded. Also included is an additional fault LED indicator for system errors. The remote digital alarm indicator has a 90dB built-in horn to alert personnel when an unsafe condition exists.

It connects to an oxygen monitor using a 3-wire, 18 gauge shielded cable.
The remote display can also be connected to a programmable logic controller (PLC), providing simultaneous alarm and status indications in multiple locations throughout the facility.


Part Number: 99091
Operating Temperature:  -40 to +122F (-40 to +50C)
Display: 1” bright red digital
Horn: User selectable on/off
Audible: Horn Sound Output 80 – 85 db
Enclosure: ASA+PC plastic
LED Lights: (2) relay lights, (1) fault light
Alarms: 2 User adjustable, alarm above or below set point
Power Requirements: 24VDC supply connected from O2 monitors
Dimensions:  4.6”(W) x 3.5”(H) x 2″(D) inches
Weight: .5 pounds (1.1 kg)

 Polycarbonate wall mount general purpose; not intended for explosive atmospheres.

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