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PHCbi (Panasonic) MCO-170ML-PA Cell-IQ 5.71 cu.ft. Multigas CO2 O2 Incubator.

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Panasonic MCO-170ML-PA Cell-IQ 5.71 cu.ft. Multigas CO2 O2 Incubator

The MCO-170ML-PA Multigas CO2 O2 Incubator by Panasonic Healthcare optimizes mammalian cell cultures through variable O2 control to better mimic in vivo conditions for regenerative medicine and stem cell applications. Panasonic's multigas incubators allow you to achieve more accurate results by culturing your cells at physiological oxygen levels.

Key Features:

  • Color LCD touchscreen display allows for easy programming, even with gloved hands.
  • A Unique solid zirconia O2 sensor allows precise control of oxygen levels in order to simulate in vivo conditions.
  • An optional high speed decontamination system safely and efficiently decontaminates with a 100% kill rate of major contaminants.
  • SafeCell UV lamp scrubs and decontaminates circulated chamber air without affecting cell cultures in situ.
  • USB port Log Function for Data Transfer and Storage.
  • Rapid CO2 Density Recovery, even following multiple door openings.
  • Integrated shelf supports
  • Exclusive InCu SaFe copper-enriched stainless steel interior
  • PHCbi proprietary single-beam, dual detector infrared (IR2) CO2 sensor
  • Direct Heat and Air Jacket Heating System
  • Field-reversible doors.
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Reproduction of in vivo conditions
  • Time-Saving H2O2 Decontamination
  • Improved Use & Maintenance
  • Efficient Workflows
  • Intuitive Usability


  • Exterior dimensions: 24.4" x 28.7" x 35.6" (620 x 730 x 905 mm)
  • Interior dimensions: 19.3" x 20.6" x 26.2" (490 x 523 x 665 mm)
  • Interior volume: 5.7 cu.ft. (161 l)
  • Outer door: Heated, painted steel
  • Inner door: 4 sealing tempered glass inner doors
  • Shelves: 3 stainless steel copper enriched alloy shelves; 18.5" x 17.7" (470 x 450 mm)
  • Access Port: 1, Rear Upper Left, 1.2" (30mm)
  • Insulation: Polystyrene
  • Uv lamp: Optional
  • Net weight: 170 lbs. (77 kg)
  • Temperature control range: Ambient +5°c to +50°c
  • Temperature uniformity : ±0.25°c (ambient temperature 23°c, setting 37°c, co2 5%, o2 5%, no load)
  • Co2 control range: 0% to 20%
  • Co2 variation: ±0.15%
  • Co2 sensor type: Dual Filter IR
  • Contamination controls: Incu-safe copper enriched stainless steel interior and shelves, optional SafeCell UV light
  • Decontamination cycle time: <3.0 hours
  • Display: LCD touchscreen
  • Heating system: Direct heat and Air Jacket System
  • Interior surfaces: Incu-safe copper enriched with stainless steel alloy
  • Oxygen control range: 1-18% & 22-80%, ±0.2%; stabilized Zirconia Sensor
  • Power Supply: 115V, 1Ø, 60Hz, NEMA 5-15P requires NEMA 5-15R receptacle. 
  • Noise Level (dBa): 29
  • Warranty: 3 Years parts and labor, 5 years CO2 sensor
Optional Accessories and Features:
  • Optional UV Decontamination which includes SafeCell UV Light System. 
  • Optional H2O2 Decontamination which includes SafeCell UV Light System, Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Vapor & Outer Door–Password Access Electronic Lock.
  • SafeCell UV Light System (MCO-170UVS-PA)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) Vapor Board (MCO-170HB-PA)
  • Outer Door–Password Access Electronic Lock (MCO-170EL-PW)
  • H2O2 Vapor Generator (MCO-HP-PW)
  • H2O2 Reagent, 6 pack (MCO-H2O2-PV)
  • CO2 Gas Pressure Regulator, psi (0 – 15; MCO-100L)
  • Automatic CO2 Cylinder Changeover System (MCO-21GC-PW)
  • InCu-saFe Shelf (MCO-170ST-PW)
  • Double Stacking Bracket (MCO-170PS-PW)
  • Roller Base (MCO-170RB-PW)
  • Optional Communications System, Wireless, Cloud-based, Automatic Data Management - LabAlert® Monitoring System.



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