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Orion ROSS® 3-in-1 Triodes

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Product Detail

Orion ROSS® 3-in-1 Triodes

  • pH and temperature measurement with one electrode
  • Superior stability with high accuracy pH and temperature measurement
  • Fast pH response even in samples at varying temperatures
  • Compatible with Mettler-Toledo TM Five and Seven Series meters and others which accommodate NTC30 thermisters with RCA plugs
  • Low maintenance gel filled epoxy body
  • Long lifetime with 18 month manufacturer's replacement warranty
  • Easily handles food, sludge, biological matrix, TRIS buffered, sulfide or protein-containing samples
  • Good choice for less experienced users or those who want no electrode maintenance

The Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ ROSS Ultra™ Triode™ low maintenance pH electrode integrates the ROSS pH reference system, a fast temperature sensor and a low maintenance gel to achieve both superior performance and extremely long electrode lifetime (18 months warranty). The ROSS reference system provides a stable reference making this electrode ideal for a range of sample matrices, including low ionic strength samples.


pH Range 0 to 14
pH Precision 0.01
pH Accuracy 0.03 pH for buffers using automatic temperature compensation
Temperature Range 0-80 °C
Internal Reference  ROSS
Body Rugged epoxy, filled with low maintenance gel
Junction Glass capillary
Isopotential Point 7
Fill Solution None required
Length 120 mm
Diameter 12 mm
Sample Compatibility TRIS, sulfides, or proteins
Cable Length 1 m
Connector Type BNC Waterproof, RCA
Meter Compatibility Mettler Toledo Five and Seven series pH Meters


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