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Surface Temperature Wire Probe

Regular price $199.00

SKU: GTF101-5

Greisinger Surface Temperature probe

This specialty probe has been requested by Embryologists looking for an accurate way to measure surface temperatures.  It is designed for the Traceable Total-Range Thermometer. 

  • Connector Type: NiCr-Ni (Type K)
  • Loose Connections: Yes
  • Sheath Thermocouple Included: Yes

Specification Brochure

Note from Customer:  For Greisinger Surface Temperature wire probe 

"Most if not all labs need a way to measure surface temperatures for any heated surface they do work with gametes and embryos on. According to CAP and CLIA, they need to be “traceable”. This is the probe that we have found that works well for us as well as being traceable. I have also attached a picture of a probe comparison that I did a while back. We wanted something that was accurate but the wire probe we are using tends to break over a period of time (how soon depends on how carefully we pull up the tape when moving the probe from one surface to another).  Please see the attached pictures. One of the probes pictured was an expensive implantable tissue probe that I THOUGHT would work great because of its flexibility. However, it was reading significantly higher than what we had been recording so we do not use that one. Most of what we measure is a flat surface (i.e. work bench surface, ICSI scope heated plate) but we also need to be able to measure shipping tanks that send and receive gametes and embryos. This means sticking that probe into liquid nitrogen (extreme cold). So whatever is used must be sturdy and somewhat flexible as well as being able to go from one temperature extreme to almost the other extreme."


Mfr. No. GTF101-5 Greisinger Surface Temperature probe. 1 ea.

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