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Axio Observer 3 (Hoffman Modulation Contrast) with heated stage.

Carl Zeiss

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SKU: 730246

Axio Observer 3 (Hoffman Modulation Contrast) with heated stage. For ICSI, embryo biopsy and embryo assessment

Axio Observer is your stable inverse platform for demanding multimodal imaging of living and fixed specimens. It uses the latest generation of LED illumination for gentle imaging. The Axio Observer creates the optimal environment for a whole range of samples to deliver reliable, reproducible data.

Includes the following:

  • Stand Axio Observer 3
  • Z-drive Operation Flat Rgt Imgr/Obsrvr
  • Z Drive Man Extended Travel 13mm
  • Sideport 60N L 0/100 3 pos f/ Observer
  • Binoc Tube 45/23 f/ Axio Observer
  • Eyepiece PL 10x/23 Br foc
  • Folding Eyecup
  • Auxiliary microscope d=30
  • Illum Carrier Tilt Back f/Observer Z1
  • Illuminator microLED
  • Interf Filter Green D=32mm x 4mm
  • ND filter 0.06 D32x2mm
  • Conversions filter 5700-3200 K, d=32 mm
  • Condenser LD 0,35 H PH PlasDIC DIC iHMC
  • Neutral density filter 0.05 f. condenser
  • Dust Cover f/ Vert100/135/200
  • Objective LD A-Plan 5x/0,15
  • LD A-Plan 10x/0.25 iHMC (PS), WD=8.5mm
  • Objective LD A-Plan 20x/0.35 iHMC
  • LD A-Plan 40x/0.55 iHMC for Thermo Plate
  • iHMC module 1/0.4 (iHMC 10x)
  • iHMC module 2/0.4 (iHMC 20x)
  • iHMC module 3/0.4 (iHMC 40x/63x)
  • Polarizer D Rotatable
  • Mounting Frame K Thermo Plate

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Microscope sold and serviced by Hamilton Thorne.

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