MSA ALTAIR Low Oxygen Detector & Alarm


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MSA ALTAIR Single Gas Detector, Oxygen (O2)

Low Alarm 19.50%, High Alarm 23.00%

The unit is designed to notify users of gas monitoring with visual alarms of ultra-bright LED lights (which remain visibly noticeable when stored in pockets) and a screen display, distinct audible alarms of over 95 decibels, and vibrating alarms. The triple alarm system will ensure that users and those nearby are appropriately alerted to gas situations in the environment. Most notably, the alarm system is designed to alert users regardless of hearing or visual impairment.

The Alarm can be worn as an attachment to a Lab Coat, or hung in the lab from a hook.  See photos. 

Altair Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector features

The unit also features patented MSA-built Button Cell toxic gas sensors. The breakthrough design utilizes stainless steel construction and its technology virtually eliminates sensor leakage. The oxygen sensors are equipped with industry standard fast response sensors. Furthermore, its use of microelectronic technology ensures that the cell size does not interfere with the portability of the device.

Worksites interested in assessing alarm conditions and history will find the automatic internal record keeping of the device to be useful. Using MSA InfraRed communication technology, the Altair Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector automatically stores the last 25 alarm events. The InfraRed communication adapter allows users to adjust settings and assess alarm conditions.

Easy to use

The Altair Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector offers a display that is easy to read. Alerts are noted in a large numeric display, and many functions may be performed with the touch of a button. The oxygen version allows users to monitor current levels as well as highest and lowest readings with ease.

The unit’s ease of use is integral when working in potentially dangerous conditions. These low maintenance unit’s are key features of the products advanced design. Long-life lithium batteries typically perform for two years or more, and are designed to outlast a two-minute alarm mode per day. This type of battery efficiency places the Altair Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector well above its closest competitors in longevity.

The unit allows for easy bump checks by pressing “Gas Test.” Once tested, the unit displays a checkmark on the screen for 24 hours. The detectors also offer built-in calibrations, as required for some worksites. For other gas response tests and bump checks, the Altair Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector is compatible with Altair Quick-Check Stations. These stations are another maintenance free way to ensure the quality and reliability of the industry’s leading gas detection devices.


Not only is the unit functional, but it is built to last. With a suspension clip allowing versatility in placement, the unit is designed to be worn where needed and remain in place even during the roughest use. The gas detector is also housed in an ultra-thick rubberized casing which can withstand accidental drops. The Single-Use Gas Detector is also water and dust resistant and provides a seal tight enough to exceed industry averages. Weighing approximately 4 ounces, the Altair Maintenance-Free Single-Gas Detector is highly portable and may be worn anywhere on the body near the breathing area.

Exceeding industry standards is the norm for MSA, and those in dangerous work settings can rest assured that The Safety Company has provided the very best in gas detection technology.

• Survives multiple 20' drops onto concrete
• Waterproof and dust proof (third-party certified IP67)
• Wrapped in rubberized armor for superior impact protection
• 2-year warranty is never pro-rated PROVEN RELIABILITY
• Can be calibrated if it fails a bump test
• Does not automatically shutdown when 24-month clock runs out
• Typically lasts well beyond the promised 24months
• Proprietary leak-free H2S sensor for better stability in extreme temperatures 
• Maintenance-free, with visual, audible and vibrating triple alarm
• Data log provides up to 25-event records
• Complete instrument fleet management and testing using MSA Galaxy® GX2 Test Stand, Link Pro Software or ALTAIR Quick Check® StationLength: 1.299 IN (0.033 M)


  • Patented electrochemical sensors and MSA-built button sensors
  • Stainless steel and solid electrolyte construction virtually eliminate sensor leakage
  • Automatically records the last 25 alarm/test events and can communicate data by connecting to MSA Link via built-in IR communication port
  • No-miss triple alarm system includes bright flashing LEDs, piercing audible alarm, and an internal vibrating alarm
  • Rubberized armor housing and one-button operation for maximum durability and simplicity
Length: 1.299 IN (0.033 M)
Width: 2.126 IN (0.054 M)
Height: 3.425 IN (0.087 M)
Weight: 0.300 LB (0.136 KG)
Color: Black
Mfr No. 10092523
MSA ALTAIR Single Gas Detector, Oxygen (O2)

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