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11.5 cu.ft. Ref and 4.8 cu.ft. Frzr Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Freezer Combo

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11.5 cu.ft. Ref and 4.8 cu.ft. Frzr Pharmaceutical Refrigerator Freezer Combo

Effective capacity
Refrigerator 11.5 cu.ft. (326 L) | Freezer 4.8 cu.ft. (136 L)
Temperature range
Refrigerator 2℃ to 14℃ | Freezer -20℃ to -30℃

Biomedical Refrigerator with Freezer

With the growing emphasis on proper storage of laboratory and pharmaceutical materials, the PHCbi Model MPR-N450FH-PA combines high performance refrigeration, control and monitoring systems with energy efficient and cost-effective cabinet design. Separate refrigeration systems and compressors in the MPR- N450FH-PA biomedical refrigerator with freezer combination maintains proper temperature uniformity while saving floor space dedicated for storage of vaccines, pharmaceuticals, reagents and other biological materials.

Purpose-Built Cold Chain Storage

PHCbi brand pharmaceutical refrigerator/freezer combos are engineered from the inside out to create, maintain and restore precise temperatures necessary for vaccine storage. Designed specifically for the storage of vaccines and other pharmaceuticals, our purpose-built refrigerator/freezer combos are designed for temperature uniformity and stability that is not commonly found with household or commercial cabinets. Separate refrigerator and freezer compartments provide a wider range of temperature storage points to accommodate a variety of vaccine product cold chain requirements. PHCbi brand vaccine cold chain storage solutions satisfy current and evolving storage protocols essential for continued vaccine efficacy.

Independent Refrigeration Systems

Separate refrigeration systems and compressors allow for independent temperature controlled chambers. The freezer system maintains temperatures as low as -30°C, while the refrigerator system allows for a temperature between 2°C to 14°C. Compressors designed for quiet operation.

Natural Refrigerants

Each of the two refrigeration system uses safe, environmentally friendly, natural hydrocarbon refrigerants. Natural refrigerants help achieve facility sustainability objectives without compromising cooling performance and reliability. The use of SNAP compliant refrigerants (Significant New Alternatives Policy) established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency underscores our recognition of social responsibility and environmental sustainability by integrating the latest refrigeration technology. For more information on SNAP refrigerants visit

Superior Temperature Uniformity

Forced air circulation/back wall plenum in the refrigerator provides even horizontal air distribution for precise temperature uniformity and efficient temperature recovery to setpoint quickly following routine door openings. Two door design reduces air loss during door opening.

Sample Storage Security

The refrigerator evaporator operates above freezing temperatures, therefore reducing the need for defrost and avoiding product exposure to freezing temperatures. This Biomedical/Pharmaceutical refrigerator freezer combination is ideal for reagents, vaccine storage and other samples.

Microprocessor Controls

PHCbi manufactured microprocessor control system is door mounted at eye level as allows for convenient user access. An OLED alphanumeric displays multiple system alarm functions (power fail, high & low temperature alarms, door ajar) including refrigerator/freezer temperature display simultaneously or individually.

Validated Storage

The PHCbi pharmaceutical refrigerator freezer combination is designed to assure stored product safety to meet regulatory guidelines for vaccine biological materials and other samples.

Defrost System

The unique defrost (refrigerator only) initiates only as required and maintains internal temperature uniformity without fluctuations.

Slim Profile Cabinet

Space saving cabinet with a small 5.5 sq. ft. footprint maximizes lab floor space. Double doors on both the refrigerator and freezer allows for placement in narrow aisles ways. Only 15" (381 mm) clearance needed for door openings.

Chamber Access/Security

The refrigerator includes two insulated doors with triple pane glass viewing windows. Heat reflection film minimizes condensation. The freezer has two insulated solid doors. Keyed door locks assure inventory security.


EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS 31.5" W x 25.2" D x 71.3" H (800 x 640 x 1810 mm)
INTERNAL DIMENSIONS Refrigerator 28.3" W x 20.3" D x 35.9" H (720 x 516 x 913 mm) | Freezer 26.8" W x 18.5" D x 16.3" H (680 x 470 x 415 mm)
EFFECTIVE CAPACITY Refrigerator 11.5 cu.ft. (326 L) | Freezer 4.8 cu.ft. (136 L)
INSULATION Rigid polyurethane foamed-in-place
SHELVES (3) Tempered glass, adjustable (Ref) | (2) PE coated wire (Frz)
ACCESS PORT 2: Back side (1.2" (30 mm) diameter)
COMPRESSOR Hermetic type (output: 160W x 2)
EVAPORATOR Fin and tube type (Refrigerator), tube on sheet type (Freezer)
REFRIGERANT SNAP Approved HC R-600A (Refrigerator) HC R-290 (Freezer)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL RANGE 2ºC~+14ºC (Refrigerator); -35ºC~-15ºC (Freezer)
ALARMS High temperature, low temperature, 0°C (refrigerator only), door, power failure, over-heat protector (refrigerator), over-cool protector (refrigerator), key lock, thermal sensor abnormality, circuit breaker (acts as power switch)
NET WEIGHT 284 lbs (129 kg)
TEMPERATURE CONTROL SYSTEM Microprocessor Control System
AREA FOOTPRINT 7.93 sq.ft. (0.74 m2)
DATA MANAGEMENT Optional with LabAlert Monitoring System
USB LOGGING FUNCTION Logs 3 months of data at 12 minute intervals
DISPLAY OLED alphanumeric | Select refrigerator, freezer or concurrent
NATURAL REFRIGERANT HC R-600a (Ref) | HC R-290 (Frz)
CASTERS (4) plus 2 leveling feet on front base


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