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Oosafe® Surface Disinfectant, 10 liters refill - DISCONTINUED

Regular price $694.72

SKU: OODSF-10000

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MEA Tested

MEA Tested

Oosafe® Surface Disinfectant, 10 liters refill


Health and safety

• MEA and HSSA tested

• Clear - slightly yellow

• Alcohol-free

• Very low level of VOC release

High quality

• Security sealed

• Valid for 3 years, even after opening

• Long term disinfection

Excellent material compatibility

• Laboratory surfaces and floor

• Glass, Plastic, Tiles, Rubber

Microbiological Efficacy: Bactericide, fungicide (Candida), algicide and selectively virucide.

Application: Dilute 1:50 with water and after application wait 30 min for the required disinfection effect. Please rinse applied area after application.

Active Ingredients: Quaternary aommonium compound (propionate): 6.3 mg/g.


Mfr. No. OODSF-10000 OOSAFE® SURFACE DISINFECTANT (10 Liters Refill)

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