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ZyMōt Is In Vogue...Literally!! - IVF Store

ZyMōt Is In Vogue...Literally!!

ZyMōt has been selected by Vogue Magazine as one of the top four high-tech treatments on the fertility front lines.

ZyMōt Sperm Separator Device

"Men are accountable for one-third of infertility cases, and their genetic material often faces further complications in labs due to centrifugation, or spinning, a technique that isolates the healthiest sperm but in so doing can cause DNA damage and reduced motility. The ZyMōt Sperm Separator, a little-known FDA-approved device that singles out the strongest sperm by mimicking the uterine pathway that they swim through in the body, is a “huge game-changer,” says Kelly Baek, M.D., who has witnessed higher genetically normal embryo rates while using the tool at her clinic." 
Vogue Magazine

For more information please see the ZyMōt Sperm Preparation Devices collection page and video



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